mantle with hidden gun compartment. The furniture also has plenty of storage for office supplies. This beautiful mantel clock has a concealed and locking compartment for your hand gun or other valuables. Can stain any Minwax or Varathane color you'd like. Perfect for the grab-and-go hunter on his way out the door. It's just a Beautiful, Custom, Hand-made, Floating Mantle. All units are handmade and crafted from solid wood. The bookcase by itself is a gorgeous piece of American made carpentry, but when you reveal the pull-out secret gun compartment, it adds a whole new level of cool to this bookcase gun cabinet. Construction of the walls of the room will be required to be well beyond the standard wood 2”x4” and drywall construction. This makes it the perfect size for a handgun (or two), some extra magazines, a flashlight, and more – it’s designed to hold up to 10 pounds of gear. Available In Nine Beautiful Finishes. Lockable handgun and accessory storage. You need to be careful of plumbing and wires. And really cool if the key is hidden in plain sight! If this sounds like fun, then something like this might be a project for…. The hidden gun bookcase unlocks from the front, allowing you to slide the frame of the bookcase toward the room. 00 FREE shipping Rustic Floating Shelf with Hidden Compartment and Personalized Key 47 Inch Gun Concealment Furniture Hidden Gun Storage Hidden Jewelry Box MilesInTheWoods (328) $315. The PS Products Concealed Mantel Gun Clock is a fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a diversion safe with a secret compartment . Our gun storage headboard takes firearm concealment to a whole new level. Hidden Gun Concealment Coffee Table. View Details 489 at OpticsPlanet. 17 Cool Hidden Gun Storage Furniture Ideas and Safes in 2021. Material needed:1"x12"x4' common board1/4. Conceal weapons in this elegant mantel clock. This is a really versatile hidden storage idea, since it can be used in any room. Hidden gun frame storage case, concealment furniture, secret cabinet, Large floating wall concealment shelf hidden storage gun safe mantle w . For that, there are a lot of helpful hidden gun storage ideas which will help Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment. Magnetic keys are used to open the top of the table. When interviewing the little girl’s brother, he told police that he had found. As a coffee table, the Modern Lift Top Coffee Table by YAHEETECH is made of premium MDF and mechanism to handle up to 150 lbs without wobbling. 25 inches - spacious enough for firearms. 99 Freedom Series Concealment Coat Rack Medium $299. Gun Mantle Concealment Clock · Description · GUN CONCEALMENT CLOCK · GUN CONCEALMENT CLOCK · Customers Also Viewed · Handgun Concealment Diversion Books · Gun Safe . 5 Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand with Concealed Compartment. The magnet will hold itself in place and the shelf is unlocked by pressing upward and then releasing. Many homeowners keep firearms for home defense. The DigitalSafe Platinum Wall Safe includes a hidden compartment, only available at DigitalSafe, that is easily accessible by rotating the bottom panel of the safe upwards. 00 Overview : Looking for a clever way to keep firearms or other valuables hidden in plain sight? This may be the answer. If we're talking about gun safe interior ideas, this is a great idea for storing your guns in your master bedroom. PS Products Ps Concealment Clock - Rectangle, Mahogany (Pack of 1) 4. The Tactical Traps 1791 MAX Whiskey Barrel American Flag Gun Storage gun storage is our 2 nd pick and is the best RFID hidden safe you can get for your gun. Hidden Gun Storage Safes & Furniture. 86 Product Description Add a wireless lock and you have a hidden gun safe. We did an in-depth review of some of the best hidden gun safes for your home. Gun Concealment Ottoman Gun Safe by American Furniture. Keyhole on the back of the unit keeps the magnetically latched clock panel securely closed (two keys included). With a perfectly crafted outer shell that pulls forward…. The wall mantle has a hidden shelf. Best for gun concealment, this wall shelf with hidden storage compartment will keep your secret safe. Tactical Walls 1420 Concealment Mirror Shelf. This one is made out of gorgeous select walnut wood in a clean, modern look. The body and legs of the Mantle are just a plywood frames. While these gun racks don't offer the security of a locked door, they do give you a hidden compartment to store your guns where most people won't think to look. We like RFID lock solutions, too, if you’re not ready for biometric safes. If we’re talking about gun safe interior ideas, this is a great idea for storing your guns in your master bedroom. Step 1: Find a Place, Buy Supplies. Our Black Carved American Flag concealment cabinet is made from solid wood, carved and finished with high gloss finish. Hidden Storage Mantel, Knotted Walnut Fireplace Mantel with Drop Front Media Storage CustomCornersLLC (286) $510. The compartment remains safely locked until you activate the easy-to-use magnetic key and opens from below in a smooth, controlled motion. It looks and works like a classic mantel clock, but don’t be fooled, for this clock also features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more. Timely idea: Solid wood frame with dark oak finish; Handsome design; Fits in anywhere; Accurate movement with sweep. Each concealment home decor piece features a hidden storage cabinet lined with Kaizen foam, which you can customize to store valuables and tactical arms from. Stylish in any decor, it appears like any other floating shelf while securely hiding your firearms. Secret Compartments Decorations at home that look like ordinary statues, rocks, painting are the best places to keep your money, guns, medicine or any other valuable item, safe from burglars, kids and keep them very close to you, so you always know where they are and how to get them. This PSP Concealment Shelf securely holds firearms or other valuables in a hidden decorative compartment, while offering shelf space for photos, art, knickknacks or collectibles. Our hidden gun storage mantle is a terrific addition to any home. The keypad even reads rfid tags that came with it. Mantle Clock Safe Protect Valuables Hidden Compartment Quartz Wood Walnut Finish. In terms of gun storage, there is no doubt that the standard metal gun cabinet . Secret Compartment Furniture Bedside Table This handmade bedside table features tapered Shaker-style spindle legs and one fully functional drawer so it looks like any other beautifully crafted piece of furniture—except for the two hidden compartments. But consider placing it in other rooms like the kitchen and bedroom as such. This one is in our hewn finish rustic style but we can build in any style & wood type that we offer, modern to rustic. Hidden-compartment furnishings held a special appeal one can find innocuous mantle clocks and stuffed ducks that upon some unique sensory interaction or magnetic trigger pop open to reveal secret compartments for firearms. The company specializes in modifying the kinds of pickups common in Switzerland (VW Anoraks, Toyota Hiluxes), and offers this unusual taillight-based hunting rifle storage unit: YouTube. Make a 3" sliding drawer with the bed post as the drawer face. Furthermore, the secret compartment between two layers is perfect to conceal valuable items like jewelry, cash, or weapon in plain sight. Tactical Walls 1242 Rifle Concealment Shelf. Here are 10 pieces of furniture with hidden compartments to help you store everything from cords and cables to craft supplies, remote controls and even your car keys. The hidden compartment drops down, revealing the hidden treasures. Stowit includes several different sized storage drawers and hidden compartments so you can keep your favorite accessories including rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and. You can make your own coffee table or purchase it. Fireplace Mantel With Hidden Storage. See more ideas about gun storage, hidden gun, hidden gun storage. While fully functionally as bookcases, they also enable you to conceal 5 firearms on a retractable rack that serves as a hidden gun compartment. Thank you for supporting my channel! Please feel free to comment and let me. Credit to Grant Thompson-The King of Random for design. Select Walnut Fireplace Mantel. " Premium Pick: Stealth Defense Vault DV652. Hidden Compartment Mantel Shelf Starting at $399. You just need to sweep card or magnet to open the lower part of the shelf. $585+ / Ships in 5 weeks Custom beam style fireplace mantel with a drop front for component storage. Tactical Gun Shelf – High Quality Features. 4 PS Products Ps Concealment Clock. Toyota Hilux lockable, hidden (concealed) rearlight gun compartment by Black Sheep Innovations GmbH. In order to mount the shelf on a stone wall, you will need plastic masonry anchors and screws. Concealed Gun Safe Mantel Clock Secret Compartment Jewelry Hidden Home Defense. Hidden Gun Storage 5x7 or 8x10 Picture Frame, Wooden Wall Hanging Gun Concealment, Hidden Compartment Lock Box, Hidden Gun Case Wedding Gift. 18 Best Gun Concealment Furniture. There is no appliance better than a clock to keep your gun safe. Brand: Patriot Promotions Currently unavailable. This concealment shelf is made with birch and pine. The clock is fully functional and runs on 1 AA battery (not included). 8 pounds, and is available in cafe espresso and white. Forget hiding a gun between the mattress and boxspring, just ditch the boxspring for a safe. Fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a diversion safe with a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock that uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure to open and close with ease; The hidden storage space is great for hiding many types of handguns (It is felt lined to protect your belongings from damage). Shipping: The price includes free shipping to the contiguous United States. This clock can go into any room. 99 Wooden Gun Concealment Tissue Box $69. While we were huge fans of the shelves previously featured on the site, the 1410M Tactical Wall Clock is next level stuff. 99 Mantle Concealment Clock $134. By simply placing the side of the box under the magnetic lock, the bottom of the shelf is unlocked. Personalized last name hidden gun storage, wooden wall hanging gun concealment, hidden compartment lock box, hidden gun case wedding gift. Designed to accommodate most medium to large frame semi-automatic hand guns and revolvers with 4” barrels, or anything you want to keep hidden but within reach. Generally, the compartments are quite big to fit all of your rifles and shotguns. Support the mattress with a hidden framework or even a hollywood frame. Mantel Concealment Gun Clock. 3 V-Line Hide Away Keyless Security System for Valuables and Firearms. Tactical Walls Concealment End Table. Overall dimensions are 14 9/16in. 00 To put it bluntly, this is my favorite nightstand with a hidden gun compartment feature. Carpentry, Cabinetry and Interior Woodworking - Hidden compartments - Hi, I'm currently building a fireplace in our master bed room and would like to incorporate a hidden area within this space. Once pulled out, you have access to the gun storage rack, which slides out revealing your firearms. We proudly provide our customers with affordable, high-quality gun concealment furniture, fit for just about every room in the home. I'm looking to have this accessible but if someone. They usually have padding and compartments for each component in the gun. A coffee table could be used as a hidden gun safe by installing a secret compartment inside the table. Hide your handgun in plain sight. Check out these hidden safes, secret compartments, hidden gun bunkers, and other hiding. Requires one AA battery (included) Description. Cut down your wood · Create forms for epoxy filling · Pour epoxy in the voids · Plane the top and back faces · Glue up the mantle · Cut fold-down compartment · Route . External dimensions are 13 inches wide (front to back), your desired length and 6 inches deep. American Concealed Furniture Hidden Gun Mantels. Clock face panel opens to reveal a compartment for hiding money, jewels or important documents. Compartments on either side and above the fireplace open to reveal hidden storage locations. While fully functionally as bookcases, they also enable you to conceal 5 firearms on a retractable. There is a customizable magnetic key to secure the guns from naughty kids and so. The compartment of the lockbox features a strong steel door that can be opened using one of the two included keys. 99 Opens an information Overlay. This PSP Mantel Clock with Hidden Compartment looks and works like a classic mantel clock but features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more. A hidden sliding rack tucks up behind a functional cabinet to truly provide excellent security and concealment. Details about Red Oak 48" x 12" x 5" Floating Mantel hidden gun storage secret compartment. To unlock the shelf, we placed the associated magnetic key underneath, next to the lock pickup location. Product information Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Videos. The best hidden gun safe is a great solution, giving you a good place to It will look great on a shelf, mantle, or anywhere else in your . Now that you know my secrets, I won't be buying this cool clock that hides a gun inside, but it isn't too late for you. You can keep this hidden gun safe clock in many different parts of your home, including on a table or mantel. When opened with a magnet you have access to a hidden compartment. This mantel style features a drop front with soft-close hinges for storing items you would like to keep hidden. Step 1: Plywood Body and Crown Molding. But inside it has your medium to large firearm inside. You can definitely hide anything you want inside the storage space, but many of the following cater to firearms storage. Hide your handgun and more in plain sight. Mantel Clock with Hidden Gun Compartment # 802372 $39. Coarse threaded 1 1/2 #6 or #8 screws work well. The hidden compartment is located under the computer desk. American Walnut / Black Walnut wood in our Mid-century/modern clean look. Run four drywall screws into the corners of the opening so they fit just inside the rim of the grille. Not only does it look fabulous as a Mantle clock, but it is also a multifunctional object. Cut both 1×16 project boards to the desired length, mine is at 65 1/2 inches. If you start showing and telling friends, then they are bound to talk about it, because a Mossberg in a coffee table is cool. Finish: Burnished Brown Cherry. If you or a family member are interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, we’ve got you covered. $43 for 12 months with PayPal Creditopens a installment calculator layer* $43 for 12 months. Custom beam style fireplace mantel with hidden component storage. Numerous sizes, wood finishes and trim styles are available. 99 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $5. We also offer RFID lock upgrades to those seeking additional security in their storage. No ugly cords; the precise quartz mechanism is fueled by a single AA battery (not included). Like the hidden shelving system, the concept of the wall clock is the same – keep your gun safe, secure and most importantly. Concealment Hidden shelf, shelf with hidden compartment and optional magnetic lock, rustic shelves, wood shelf, shelf with organizer, SheltonWoodworks. Concealment furniture to keep your valuables safe. Patriot Promotions Fireplace Mantle or Secret Shelf with a Hidden Drop Down Concealed Compartment. This may be the coolest way to store your handguns (sorry, shotguns and rifles not compatible). You have to cut the foam in accordance with the gun’s shape so that it fits properly. It has a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock, where you can easily conceal a pistol. Size: 14 5/8″ x 7 3/8″ x 3 3/4″. Depending on the shelf size, you can store from 5 to 16 pounds inside the unit’s hidden compartment. Gun Cases & Bags Gun cases make it easier to carry a gun around and it prevents injury. 2-year protection plan from SquareTrade - $5. Hidden gun storage 48” fingerprint lock concealment shelf. Bed Headboard with Hidden Compartments. It is made of wood and is both functional and decorative. Gun Concealment Shelf Price: $392. This fireplace mantle features a hidden compartment with soft close hinges. The curved bottom side is done by making Kerf cuts most of the way through the piece so that it is flexible. Diy hidden gun storage plans · the coat rack · the floating shelf · the secret compartment dresser · hidden gun apparel · hidden gun safe wrap up hidden gun plan. Our hidden compartment furniture is 100% handmade in the USA and is available in multiple stain and color options. Fake Vent with RFID Hidden Compartment. The most popular fad in firearms storage right now seems to be the secret compartment gun cabinet. Mount two brackets into the picture frame using a 1-3/8” wide drill bit for a perfect circle to inlay the cabinet-style bracket. Hidden Gun Storage Mantle This four foot long maple, wall hanging shelf or mantle conceals a hidden inner compartment that can house a shotgun or a rifle. It has a secure hidden compartment with a unique RFID locking system and a built-in emergency lock out protection to protect yourself and your family. Just open the hinged front for quick access when seconds count. Available In Rustic or Classic Style. Then glue rare earth magnets to the back of the grille so they line up with the screw heads. Easy access to your firearm, yet hidden from the sight of guests. Hidden Compartment Mirror - Craftsman Gun concealment nightstand Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination Biometric Pistol Safe Gun Concealment Coffee Table Fireplace Mantel Shelf Wooden Nightstand with Hidden Drawer Secret Compartment Dresser 1860's Wooden Writing Box with hidden compartments Coffee Table with Lift Top. Floating Shelf with Hidden Gun Storage and Personalized Key!. This shelf answers the problem of storing firearms in a convenient location, while still keeping them hidden. Secret Doors, Drawers & Compartments. Our Guide to the 8 Best Hidden Gun Safes for Home. This can also be used to store guns. DutchCrafters American Made Rustic Log Nightstand With Hidden Compartment. This seemingly decorative coat rack hides a hidden compartment for shorter shotguns and rifles. The package is 26" x 20" x 20" and weighs 53 to 66 lbs depending on whether you order the optional extra drawer. There truly isn’t a much better solution for the length of various shotguns and rifles. There's always been DIY home-made or professional custom one-off furniture available with drawers, shelves, and compartments hidden in every conceivable location, but the small boutique custom furniture shops that specialize in camouflaged gun. Meet Jason Crago, the Mad Scientist Lumberjack that invented Mirage Tactical Furniture in Mooresville, North Carolina. With the 2nd Amendment tactical locking system, your firearms and other valuables are protected, and still can be accessed in seconds. Mount that to the wall or support from underneath. The folks at Top Secret Furniture offer an approach designed to be part of your family's life for decades to come: Hand-crafted hardwood pieces built to last. Headboard consists of 4" x 24" x however-wide-you-need box made of 1/2" plywood or MDF with decorative stuff on the front side. This dual-purpose mail organizer is a great idea for an entry hall, mudroom, or kitchen. This unique patent pending design offers 20% more space to conceal, within the safe, particular valuables allowing enough space for two handguns. Gun safe provides secure storage for two standard handguns or one larger pistol . First you will need to cut a hole in your wall and then you will build a gun cabinet in the form of a small box out of 1x4s and plyboard. Secret Hiding Spot for your Valuable Items . Hidden safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are the ideal concealed storage solution to keep guns, ammunition, jewelry, or cash secure and out of sight. This is a cute clock with a concealment compartment. The 1450M by Tactical Walls, a full-length concealment mirror, is my all-time favorite hidden gun safe. Hidden Stairs Gun Safe | Hidden Gun Safe | List of 9 Badass Secret Gun . It is available in a variety of styles and woods including poplar, maple, oak, walnut, knotty alder, cherry and sapele. Flip down in back for easy access. More excitingly, there is a hidden compartment under the tabletop where you can hide guns as well as. The smaller with dimensions of 14 inches wide x 10 inches high x 3. Designed with a biometric fingerprint locking compartment and motion light with a foam insert that you can customize to hold your gun. This 1,300-pound, 10 gauge strongbox will keep anything you want safe, including your guns. Out of the different gun safe storage ideas, we've selected the 10 best ideas for hiding your guns. In specific, the hidden space is 16×6. Made from maple wood and solid oak, this furniture has four drawers along with two file drawers. Clock features a quartz movement and runs on 2 AA batteries (included). Available In Firearm or Casual Setup (Jewelry Hooks). Made from solid, high-quality wood and stained mahogany, this sleek timepiece keeps time while keeping a medium-to-large handgun within easy reach. The storage space is lockable with a secret key. Remember to calculate the total width with the side pieces. Clock features a quartz movement and runs on 1 AA battery (included). Provides convenient storage for your valuables. 5242020 Given that this is a clock and not a piece of furniture the hidden compartment storage is probably best for standard pistols in the 4-9 length range. Whether or not it is used solely as a panic room or hidden gun room is up to you. Magnetic locks add to its safety and accessibility. Dr Pepper Soda Can Diversion Safe Secret Hidden Compartment Store Stash Conceal Valuables. Inside the shelf, you will find a piston that helps slowly open the shelf and foam to hold the guns. It looks and works like a classic mantel clock, but don't be fooled, for this clock also features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more. PROVIDES QUICK ACCESS - The hidden gun shelf for pistols provides quick access to the contents inside. You can choose your clock body style, number style, or even upload your own custom artwork for the face. There are various hidden gun safes out there that come with unique features, pros, and cons. LOCKDOWN In Plain Sight Shelf with Discreet Design, Easy Magnetic Access, Customizable Compartment and PUCK Integration for Home, Business and Security 396 12 offers from $64. Fort Knox a Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartments. Urban Designs Vintage 2-Drawer Nightstand With Hidden Drawer. The hinges are 90-degree hinges, so they are also hidden when the front is closed. The PS Products Concealed Mantel Gun Clock is a fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a diversion safe with a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock that uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure to open and close with ease. It makes me feel like a secret agent. Gun Concealment Clock source: budk. This attractive bookcase conceals a secret compartment on the top to hide your firearms. Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes Shut Up! OPSEC aka Operational Security is critical for a hidden gun or disguised safe. Holds a small or large handgun. There are many benefits of having a hidden gun storage furniture in your office or This is a wall mantle which also has a hidden shelf. Once painted, it is then sprayed with a semi gloss lacquer (2 coats) to give it a deep, rich and durable finish. It is custom made so you can have the shelf and the compartments made to the dimensions you need. I secured these with my nail gun and just measured for each one. Unlike the hipsters, Jason is an actual Lumberjack by trade and used to build log homes for a living. This allows the picture to open upward without hitting the wall and yet being flush when closed. It looks like a standard floating shelf, but twist the key and the bottom drops down to reveal an AR-15, pistol, several mags and possibly even a shotgun. This gun concealment furniture enables you to have your guns immediately available when needed without them being in plain sight. Thank you for supporting my channel!. If your gun collection is worth more than that, you’ll need to purchase a rider, or buy firearms insurance from another company. 2 In 1 Upgrade Nightstand With Lift Top And Computer Table. What a relief knowing that your firearm is always close by. Cut the front piece of the mantel, the edge that. Rustic Walnut & Epoxy Resin Custom Mantel. The Covobox Book Box is another way to hide weapons with books. on one side but hide your guns on the backside. Hidden Storage Mantle, Knotted Walnut Fireplace Mantel with Media Storage CustomCornersLLC (276) $975. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. 5 inches deep while the larger with 14 inches wide x 40 inches high x 3. You can place this table in your bedroom, drawing room or dining. Top Secret Furniture High Caliber Coffee Table. Ad by MilesInTheWoods Ad from shop MilesInTheWoods. You can store all of your firearms inside a mirror. There’re RFID and magnetic locking system to secure guns stored inside the shelf. An easy to make floating shelf that has a hidden compartment. This coffee table is great for hiding your unloaded guns. It looks great at the foot of the bed, near. From the built-ins to the fireplace, and now the DIY fireplace mantel with storage. The clock is under $35 and, only you'll know its hollow interior has a convenient shelved compartment that cleverly conceals most semiauto handguns and revolvers. It has a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock that uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure for easy operation. A secret compartment shelf can be used to store valuables. This gun safe is set with a hinged front panel . Product Features:Outside dimensions 18. Keeps your cash, passports, jewelry, papers or keys protected Provides convenient storage for your valuables. If you go out to get one without prior knowledge, you will risk losing out on some of the best products out there. There truly isn't a much better solution for the length of various shotguns and rifles. In this video we focus on how to create your own hidden compartment for storage with "rev-a-lock" or "rev-a-shelf" magnetic locks. Behind the facade of the Roman numeral faced clock is a spacious hidden gun compartment. Night stands are shipped via FedEx or UPS. This Book Lock Box blends easily in any home and is hidden in plain sight. Cut out a stud space opening to fit a return air grille. Specifications and Features: Ideal for concealing handguns, money, certificates. Wall clock with hidden gun compartment also available. Clock folds down to reveal concealed safe!; Clock features reliable quartz movement; Magnetically latched and hinged front panel; Felt inner lining protects valuables from damage; Attractive wood construction, rich walnut finish; 4 Non-skid feet protect mantles from scratches; Requires one AA battery (not included). The hidden compartment is perfect for storing essentials like money, jewelry, or emergency supplies. The horizontal space is perfect for quick access to a long gun or multiple handguns. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mantel shelf Clock Gun Concealment Safe decorative secret stash hidden storage at the best . Made from engineered wood with mahogany stain, it is a fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a gun safe. Sep 12, 2017 - Shop our collection of gun concealment home decor products, including hidden clock gun safes, gun storage coat racks & concealment tissue boxes. At first glance, this is a finely crafted working timepiece that is perfect for the mantle or fireplace, but pull open the magnetically latched, hinged front panel to reveal a secret compartment. If you want to have hidden storage in your mantel you can install the . Disengage the hidden lock with the supplies key or slide it to the side. If you opt for these cabinets, then you’ll be provided with two fundamental varieties to choose from. Comes With Two Velcro Pistol Holsters and One Adjustable Shelf. Hidden behind both side panels is a secret com-partment that can hold valuables or a handgun. 20+ Headboard With Hidden Storage Compartment. Gun furniture Secret hiding spot Wall Coat Rack with Shelf Entryway Organizer Wall case Сoncealment furniture Hidden gun storage ExclusiveWoodBY. This piece of furniture is great for storing your long guns, and maybe even a few handguns, inconspicuously. Hidden Jewelry Compartment Safe Gun Cash Concealment Remington Secret Clock (37. Simply pull out your keyboard drawer to quickly access your weapon when you need it. Prices accurate at time of writing. If you use this case in the car, and as a bedside secret gun storage, hidden from everyone, and it can do both jobs perfectly well, then you need the easy access of the more expensive gun case. Hidden behind the face is a 10”x14”x3. Hidden safes are designed not only to be functional but also to become a stylish part of your home or office décor. Sort by Hidden Gun Concealment Lamp $144. Most policies will only cover firearms automatically up to a limit, usually about $2,500. This custom mantel piece is Rustic Walnut wood with black epoxy. com, we got you covered with secret doors, drawers & compartments! This guide features 16 projects built by our users made to keep your stuff safe and hidden from view. Whether it's custom cabinets for an entire house or a small fireplace mantel for your home, we are happy to turn any idea you may have into reality. This modern headboard will fit nicely behind your bed frame and you can enjoy additional storage for books tissues or candles. The same rules usually apply to other valuables such as jewelry, coin collections, and hand tools as well. This quickdraw biometric gun safe is a fast and secure solution for your gun storage. Price Range: $300 + $60 shipping. The concealed rack can store up to 5 long guns. Install under a desk, beside the bed or any number of places for hidden, tactical gun storage. If you or a family member are interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, we've got you covered. This bookcase offers 10 hidden compartments and would make a stylish addition to your living room, den or home office. This fireplace mantel can be used as a floating shelf anywhere in your home. Patriot Promotions Bedroom Nightstand Or End Table With A Hidden Concealed Compartment. This wall mount is very difficult to reach. Overall, I'm super happy with how all of these projects turned out. It's deep enough to hold the gun and a mag as well. Cut off the grille screws and glue just the heads in place. From hidden rooms behind bookshelves to secret compartments in furniture, hiding your stuff has never been more fun! You could dig a hole and bury your. Handcrafted in Mooresville, NC, our Custom Tactical Furniture hides your Firearms and valuables. Our hidden gun bookcases Include adjustable shelves and security locks. At just over 50” long, the Tactical Walls 1242 Shelf is large enough to accommodate a full-sized rifle. The side corners are cut at a 45 degree angle to hide the edge but the bottom is just a square cut butt up to the front piece. American Concealed Hidden Gun Chest of Drawers. To visitors—both invited and uninvited—it looks and functions like a boring old mantle clock with a rich walnut finish. Easy to use, the magnetic lock is attached to the mantle. In this video I build a mantle for my fireplace, and it has some secret storage in it! Its build from one single beam that i had from a barn . I purchased the keypad for around $13. We're not suggesting some tacticool hidden drawer solution. Opening and closing this safe is also easy. Best RFID Hidden Safe: Tactical Traps 1791 MAX Whiskey Barrel American Flag Gun Storage. The NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock · NRA Diversion/Concealment Book Set · NRA Amendment II Peacemaker Wooden Box · NRA Concealed Carry Day . First thing you need to do is find a place suitable for a in the wall cabinet. Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment. Fireplace Mantel with Hidden Storage. when closed it appears to be a simple floating shelf. 10 Best Hidden Shelf For Gun In 2022. How To Use A Picture Frame For Hidden Gun Storage. Hidden Wall Compartment! : 6 Steps (with Pictures. All you need is a flat surface at least 15 inches long to set it on, and you're done. 95, so it will not only fit into your budget, it makes a great gift, too. When it comes to gun storage, the two most familiar methods people think of are traditional safes and mantle for hidden gun storage. It is strong, sturdy, and most importantly: it is stealthy, Buy It Now Best price Concealed Gun Nightstand by Casual Home $599. Its best to get gun concealment furniture that has a secret compartment to hide your guns and keep them safe. Building a secret compartment. It would not look out of place on a mantel, shelf, table, or any other common area a clock might be found; Fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a diversion safe with a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock that uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure to open and close with ease. Any small area in a basement can be walled off to create not only a safe room but also a secure gun room. 5″ D that allows to store two pistols and other valuables such as money and credit cards. 101 Features: Solid wood and wood veneers. It will sit perfectly on any mantle or pieces of furniture and no one will know that it has the secret compartment for easy access to your firearm. Ad by FreeThe2nd Ad from shop FreeThe2nd. Details: It looks and works like a classic mantel clock, but don't be fooled, for this clock also features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more. Feb 11 2021 – BRIMNES Headboard with storage compartment white FullDouble. 2 Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe. In this video I build a mantle for my fireplace, and it has some secret storage in it! Its build from one single beam that i had from a barn i took down. This working quartz timepiece with a hidden compartment is durable and of good quality. If you are looking for a safe to do double duty, the LightBlue product is one of the obvious solutions to consider. It took a few years to gain momentum, as Ava and Will are older now. Hanging Mirror Concealment Safe. Luckily, we don't have to open the mantel very much so everything stays dust free and hidden away. If you want to keep your jewelry safe from the . How to Make a Mantle with a Hidden Compartment. Chicago Lockdown Entertainment Center. Buy Yours Now From Our Partner! This high quality shelf is just so clever. Magnetically latched, hinged front panel. In general, truly hidden gun storage options are mostly the same. The compartment closes with a magnetic latch and hinged front panel for an effective disguise. The fifth site you can hide your gun safe is under the table. Mantle clocks, by their nature and classic beauty, blend in with furniture and other décor. The more people who know, the more likely it'll reach the ears of less honest people. Coffee Table with Hidden Storage. Rustic Floating Shelf with Hidden Compartment and Personalized Key 47 Inch Gun Concealment Furniture Hidden Gun Storage Hidden Jewelry Box. 99 Liberty Home Concealment Gift Card $25. Rustic rough cut wood mantle piece with hidden gun compartment and a Knott latch. The Mantle clock features a magnetic latch and . This American Flag cabinet is available in black and dark walnut finish. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. Hidden Wall Compartment!: How about a hidden compartment in your home that is virtually invisible? Even nicer if it locks -- with an unseen lock. *** Select Finish Finished - $599 Unfinished - $510. Featuring a patent-pending steel pin locking system, keep it locked during the day and unlocked at night so you can get to your weapon when you need it most. Not necessarily should you have the table in the table room. The secret compartment is felt-lined to protect valuables from scratches and damage. Mantel Clock w/ Hidden Gun Compartment. Mantle clock with hidden jewelry box. Gun Mantle Concealment Clock. This sleek looking coffee table holds a great secret – the top lifts off to give you access to DIY hidden gun storage under the top without being too obvious about it. Get a table from the market and modify it with compartments to store your valuables. You can drill directly into the stone, but it is important to let the drill do the work and proceed slowly. Assembly required Additional Info : Buy on Amazon 4. Simply swipe one of the two included magnetic cards, across the top of the mantle and the magnetic lock releases to open the hidden compartment instantly in a smooth dampened motion. Made from 3/4" Red Oak not the cheaper Pine. They are home decor like end tables, coffee tables, picture frames, wall shelves, wall mirrors, wall clocks, and coat racks that have secret compartments. This four foot long maple, wall hanging shelf or mantle conceals a hidden inner compartment that can house a shotgun or a rifle. 99 with Discontinued Out of stock OVERVIEW Sold Out This attractive mantel clock has a secret…it hides things but keeps them in easy reach. mantel clock, and is modified to work as a concealment safe with a secret compartment . Casual Home Nightstand Compartment. Oct 31, 2021 - Explore Jay Reyes's board "Secret gun storage", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. The case can be ordered in Rustic Hickory, Red Oak, Hard Maple and a variety of exotic wood species. The team builds hidden storage compartments, designed specifically for hiding your firearms. 5” rifles and several small handguns. The hidden compartment has brass hinges and magnetic catch. For easy and quick access I recommend placing it in the bedroom. This was easy because the back of one wall was centered on a fireplace.