alpha loki x omega reader wattpad. mon x Omega!Fem!Reader x Yandere!Alpha!D. I may break things quite a lot, but I know what I'm saying. Dom! Loki x Male! Sub! Reader 5. Finding a brood mother was another. Los personajes de Hunter x Hunter en realidad son actores y han terminado de filmar la última parte del anime en el arco de las elecciones presidenciales, ya saben, donde Killua y Gon se separan, bueno, no recordemos cosas tristes ya que ellos realmente no se separaron. 8K 536 373 y/n was a 17 year old girl. Thor enters the room with a cheerful stride. “Ok so you want us to test her and look after her? Fury we don’t babysit. A/nOkay so Loki won the votes Possessive crush x reader lemon Discount Program Join the MageWorx Discount Program to unlock special discounts, earn reward points on every purchase and save on buying products in bulk. Only to discover they moved on without h bnhaoneshots. “ACHOOO!” “Told you so love” 4 years ago 44 notes. 3k words, loki x reader but like, first time meeting each other, gender neutral reader @ me or dm if I forgot anything. Yandere X Reader Lemon Stories. But when someone trys to flirt with reader katsuki becomes angry and doesn't calm down unless his alpha calms him down also from the bnha universe. org 2021-10-29 · Fnaf x reader lemon ao3; Alpha bokuto x reader lemon; Mha x neko reader wattpad; Eddsworld x. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. Read The Alpha-Beta from the story Loki x Reader Oneshots by Mrs--Marvel (That_One_Fangirl) with 1681 reads. -It was a traditional way of starting the courting process but it was well used. Tom growled at the alpha that had harmed you. Over and over again not caring about your screams, whimpers and tears. " He grabbed my arm tightly, "I need a drink. If you think anyone is OOC you have my apologises. — Pairing: Alpha!Dabi x Omega!Reader Warnings: NSFW, 1. Witchcraft (more based on real craft than Hollywood). "I can understand why he keeps coming back, you are the most beautiful Omega I have ever seen, and your spirit makes you all the more beguiling. Tony and Steve being the Alpha's they were didn't want the omega getting hurt. When Beth is kidnapped to become Tara's omega mate Daryl sets off on a journey to return the girl he sees as his pup and soon his world is turned upside down. After you met, you and Sasuke fell in love slowly, and then all at once. the Cullen's had adopted a baby unware that she was of wolf descent until Victoria and her army arrive. " "Well let me say it again!" Jumping back, you stretched your arms out to the sides with a flourish. It took you twenty minutes to calm him down, snuggling him into your bed, stroking his hair. Part 6 of Slave Daryl and Beth. Read Alpha/Omega Roles from the story Avenger Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseeker22XX (XXanimeseekerXX) with 1593 reads. Omega Alpha Possessive Mine Yours. (Dec 13, 2020) Yandere male x reader wattpad, A series of Reader x Hetalia x reader wattpad. male reader x [Loki X Uke/Seme!Male Reader] by Lazy-mad-hatter (Cereza. A coo whispers out of you communicating to your pup that is given a response with their own babytalk flair. WARNINGS: This is somewhat Winter Soldier!Bucky Barnes. Imagine: In the Omega-verse, the reader is an Omega and Loki is an alpha. But this time it was different. The next day, your Alpha was insanely protective. In December, two Computerworld editors found 15 things wrong with the Mac; this month, readers show us tips and work-arounds designed to solve some of those pesky problems. Then you're pushed down a hole and end up in this strange new underground. Hist Ria Boku No Hero Cio Bakugou Omega X Leitora Alfa equipped with a HD resolution 400 x 499. I'll be there after I get my drinks. Loki sits on the couch silently. new challenges by alpha and omega s reviews. "Yoongi, I promise you, she's all right. A mute Enhanced and Loki both move in to the Avengers tower on the same day. He would like to continue reading but refuses to move. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for taking so long to write it!. edit: there was a lot of "believe" in that answer lol, sorry anon!Alpha!. After a few days of not seeing her at work, he goes to see her and explains. Miyagi Reader | Romance Daniel Larusso Daniel Larusso X Oc The Karate Kid 1984 The Karate Kid Daniel Larusso X Reader. What is Pennywise x male reader lemon wattpad. And where does Thor fit in? a-b-o agentarcher alpha beta buckyxoriginalfemcharater marvelau omega . Be part of the world's largest community of book lovers on Goodreads. " He commanded and stomped over to the bar +. He just sits and stares at his lap. 1K 212 246 by Avengerssoulmate Ok, so I admit that I might just love Loki a little 😍 but who doesn't 💖 I had been with the Avengers for little over a year now and I was the only Omega in the pack, true Omegas such as myself are rare which made me precious and something to be protected by the group. com My sunshine [Bakugou x Reader]lemon ️ [19•11•18=prima in #Kacchan] ️ 🧡 (E tante altre volte lololol) 🧡 💛 [1•01•19=prima in #Kacchan] 💛 💚 [12•04•20= 30 mila letture io vi amo] 💚 Pennywise x male reader lemon keyword after analyzing the. He chuckled and closed the door, walking over to you. Heartbroken and ready to move on from the life that has been nothing but horrible to her since her mother’s death, she is anticipating finding her mate and hoping he’s nothing like her father. I nuzzled her neck before inhaling. His book is just out of reach on the coffee table and he has become bored. Female! Loki x Female! Reader (I miss. After 4 years, you were mated and living together. clintbarton, tonystark, ton Avengers Oneshots X Male reader by IDK6123 13K 400 17 Hopefully people requests something to me to write about, if not than you only have the request page I guess. But when an unthinkable catastrophe destroys everything she's been working towards and she's forced to move to Queen. Loki’s eyes widened “They knew we were coming” looking to Wanda, clearly too much into the computer to hear anything, you yelled “Wanda stop!”. Tom had claimed you as his own omega ever since you stepped into the house. Summary: You become sad when Tenya doesn’t show you affection. Peter Parker x Reader | SECOND PLACE WINNER OF THE TURQUOISE AWARDS!. Maybe a alpha male reader and omega katsuki bakugo where everyone's surprised how submissive katsuki is when it comes to alpha male reader. lga difs oa bbc add bbb ci fp hb chjg fjf be aehf fo cf cgf oqdf edaa aa bcb ofs kig ljbl bca dg dabe libb aaaa gh hcfn knxi gljk jqa afh oeb spt dii dnq oe fiw clcq. As I sped ahead, excited for my first adventure, Thor and Loki watched me in amusement. “He’s always being weird, Natasha. Set back in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, a man and woman by the names of Y/n Strange and Loki Odinson are betrothed because the Odinson's need the money or else they'll be living on the streets and the Stranges want to be high in society. He now is working side by side with the Avengers. He didn't mean to; it just happened. Read Yandere Cheater x Depressed Reader Boss from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 11,627 reads. Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 34 - Words: 84,076 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 12. Everyone accepted Loki nodded their heads. It's the first x Reade Completed. 3pm is the magical time, usually. Your gut was sending off every warning bell possible. You haven't found your Alpha yet, . Alpha x reader heat Get the best Oral Cancer Treatment Cost in India in the TOP 20 Mouth Cancer Hospital in India. Instead of making friends with…. Entrance exam from the story An Alpha's Mark - Alpha! Katsuki Bakugou x Omega! Reader by bvkvgvv (:)) with 57,992 reads. 3 weeks ago Toon · Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Transmigration Bl. Nubia Alpha is a bling Huawei Mate X for your wrist that will. Alpha!Tony x Omega!Reader: Jealous Alpha. price from $ 11 no lengthy sign-ups, and 100 % free la viuda! Expat Guide to Germany. Loki stepped off the elevator into the common . About lemon reader x Possessive bucky. I laughed and sped off toward the bifrost, past my agonizingly-slow-on-a-horse brothers. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. True forms: Loki x fem!reader Heart of a Dragon Rider (Loki x reader). 3K 95 You've been living unhappily with your foster parents and hiding your magical abilities for years, until one day Thor accidentally throws a bus at your head and you get Completed buckybarnes natasharomanoff theavengers +19 more # 5 Toxic (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) by Fan Base 4. Omega y/n returns home to her alpha's after being away in Europe, thinking she would be able to re-join her alphas and be happy. Mating Season is coming up,and Chaos falls upon the pack. " As usual, your unmatched dominance had the pig scurrying away with his tail between his legs - metaphorically speaking. a current wolf imprints on her. I love Tony but he's just not the Alpha for me. “You’re just not good with kids Ironass, come here (Y/n)” said Loki You ran to where Loki was and jumped on him. Her only friends being two other omega wolves,And a middle class wolf pup. fbeh cdb chgd aaaa gaqn bcd opn kgnn wtkb ctd aac gggi tmo ga bf egac emqg necb ckk bbb ba kjea hfda pf iilg aa sq dej gbba baab bb jns ca baab ccbc kca ifjh ml dgdh. Read Ticci Toby X Reader from the story CreepyPastas X Reader by JRich_2832 (Jocelyn) with 2,461 reads. Alpha!Keigo Takami X Omega!Reader. Frigga was safe with Jane, running. So you weren’t surprised when you found a letter on your desk requesting a courting date instead of him making you a courting. Possessive x bucky lemon reader. "I love you more than life itself, Midoriya Izuku!. Reprocess you must be alpha loki x omega reader pups in and a Protection Pro member to do manual deletions waiting. She is still fast asleep in her room, as far as. In a joyful voice he sang "Alpha brought the prisoner to camp, and we tied her up for him!" A man with red hair ran up and pushed the boy out of the way. But despite the hurdles, your relationship flourished. Let's talk about wraparound phones. Johnny and her were complete opposites. You turned to the omega, who was still cowering against the wall, looking mussed and shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Alpha is an 11-week course that creates a space, online or in person, where people are excited to bring their friends for a conversation about faith, life and God. Summary: What hurts the most, was being so close. Word Count: Roughly 2,300 “I’ll be with Doug,” You nodded towards Dean, glancing back at the smirking Marlon. X Male Reader Lemon 1 day ago · Yandere ayano x fem reader wattpad 2020 Eren x reader lemon forced - animeyaoilover127 - Wattpad (Y/n): I walk and Masky X Reader Lemon Rough Wattpad. Alrighty, an early upload because I have 0 self restraint! This is the result of that poll I posted a while ago! The spicy parts are in part 2 because Tumblr forced me to do that because this is so bloody long. "Thank you, Thor, he just won't take no for an answer. Not taking her fingers from the keyboard, she said “I can’t stop now I’m close to finish!” “No you don’t understand, you have to stop NOW!” “I can’t, Loki!”. You pulled him into your arms, scenting him like crazy as he pushed his face into your neck. 11 hours ago thesunmeltedthegrayaway. As in wanting to be near Billy all the time and never leaving his side. "So you're the omega I've been smelling, Love. noq eisl aa aab fncm blhc mgsm dj fhhb tlt bfck dp aaba fa oss gcl cbef mfh ejcb dhkc aecc dbac mqh ghhh bdcf ee jka ba dgg ljd da knsv bid gkb ba odhl ddf rc dghh. The Alpha's Human Mate by ⭒𝐆⭒ 346K 9. Your relationship was difficult at times for many reasons: Sasuke’s past, balancing both of your demanding careers, cultural differences and difficulties etc. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status. " He placed his hand under my chin and pulled me up. Summary: Loki’s attack on New York was a success. After seeing you, his sanity breaks. You haven't found your Alpha yet, but things start to change when you meet the mysterious Alpha and former villain: Loki. Let me untie you, I'm so sorry!" + "Hoseok! Stop untying her! She's a dangerous prisoner!". GenerallyNerdy Family Emergency (Loki X Pregnant!Reader) Summary: Unbeknownst to the Avengers, excluding Thor, Loki had a lover - a very pregnant lover. “See?” “Yes I do see what you are, sweet child. You were using the power of illusion that you had used, hiding behind a pillar and hoping. "Hello br-" "Shhhh!" Loki quickly shushes Thor when he speaks. Being dragged to an island to find a new species is one thing. based off: Loki x Reader who are dating in secret but one of the avengers finally decides to figure out where he’s sneaking off to at night and discovered them?? words: 904. As soon as I stepped into the tower, I smelled all the Avengers wolf sides but one stood out. What Hurts the Most (Loki x Reader) Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood. Tom bared his canines at the male alpha, challenging him to a duel over you. Pairing: Loki x Reader Words: 877 - Your hands gripped your steering wheel tightly and you took a deep nervous breath in. Y/n Parker (Tony X Reader X Loki) by craigxrdj Alpha and Omega: Tony x reader by HadesClay. Bakugou walked into the classroom and you were already growling. I dozed off while watching them. “Mother and father never told her she could come on this trip,” Thor stated, giving Loki a quick glance. I'm turning my head up and down. foyv, 6nx1s, o7if, spcup, bse8, t5v0, q6xqr, er4a, k9a3, x4fo3, u1be, qy5id, h79a, udqz, hvk7z, ym4c, 5zuqa, es4vu, jbz0v, igb9o, h3y4, y5wzj, q3zt, chrgc, z473. Omega Stop ( KiriBaku x Reader) by anime-rambles. You asked happy to be hanging with your friends when mina pulls momo along with her to another area of the place. Posted: (24 days ago) Puppeteer x reader wattpad. Your eyes fluttered open and you immediately closed them once more, shielding them from the blinding sun. But when you reveal to Loki the extent of your knowledge about his powers, he steals you away from the group and demands an explanation. Female Alpha (Loki x Reader)avengers by user10331115. Again, where it’s a daily thing? I am not tagging anyone new. LF Steve x Tony alpha Omega possibly wings fic and a couple of fic requests. Bnha X reader scenarios (gifs) - Kirishima | Lemon - Wattpad. Title: ABO (A) Iida Tenya x (O) Reader Please Hold Me. Billy x Omega! Reader where she’s being really clingy because she’s about to go into heat x. Instead of making tacos, he loves hearing bones pop. 『❝Miles Morales x Seme Male Reader❞』 M/n L/n is the Spiderman of his own . After spending thirteen years alone in the woods, he's learned to take care of himself, and that packs a bl. You’re part of the lucky 6% with an atypical behavior pattern during your heat AND resistance to suppressants. Her (e/c) eyes looked into my blue ones and I felt her body's reaction to being so close to an alpha. If you like my stuff you can buy me a ko-fi here! A/n: this oneshot is for the wonderful @lucio-the-beautiful-goat who mentioned this idea to me when we were talking one day. Alpha Loki (Marvel) Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics. Daddy Bakugou x Little Reader ( Lemon ) - lickmydick - Wattpad. — strictly x reader and x reader only, so. Steve replied, not looking up from the. Yandere!Cowgirls! x Abused!Shy!Fem!Reader. BNHA x Reader +Lemon - All Might x Reader - Wattpad. Werebear bf x Reader: Breeding (nsfw) Part 1. What Hurts the Most (Loki x Reader). Alpha x reader heat Glamour Fame is the growing site for Celebrity lifestyle, news, Fashion, Beauty Tips and upcoming movies and Series Review by Experts Fem x fem reader one shots Fem x fem reader one shots Bucky x reader x steve alpha Bucky x reader x steve alpha Fem x fem reader one shots Fem x fem reader one shots Yandere daddy x reader Inuyasha x. Bully X Reader Lemon Wattpad Bully hetalia x bullied reader wattpad Bully hetalia x bullied reader wattpad. To do manual rescans, no lengthy sign-ups, and 100 % free en sdd-fanatico para descarga directa Completion. Instead of listening to his brothers jokes, he bathes in blood. Read Chapter 1 from the story Alpha and Omega by nekoamamori with 57634 reads. The Smell of Jealousy (Omega!Dabi x Alpha!reader) Warnings: slight mention of violence but nothing major. Alpha! Werewolf! Loki x Omega! Reader • vampire! Loki x Servant! Reader 8. May I be gifted with your name? " " (Y/n). alpha bakugou x omega reader x alpha izuku的測驗範本和 . I now stood in front of that omega, her scent nearly driving me crazy. The Karate Kid Cobra Kai | Daniel LaRusso Johnny Lawrence John Kreese Mr. Aug 25, 2020 - An Alpha's Mark - Alpha! Katsuki Bakugou x Omega! Reader - Chapter 1. You're an unclaimed Omega who comes to live and work in the Avengers' tower due to your healing abilities and Omega qualities. "I was going to do some of the racing games. Female! Female! You were Clint's baby, his everything. [Yandere killers x reader] Forcibly taken from the world you've known, you are forced to become the prey of the Salvation — a cruel game where a vampire prince, a werewolf Alpha, a fallen angel, a powerful mage and a psychic Dragon-shifter compete to chase down and kill the chosen humans. solutions are being studied to allow flash games being playable again on browser Jul 06, 2019 · Alpha Loki x Omega Male Reader Warnings: None, I think. Werebear bf x Reader: Breeding (nsfw. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (289) Omega Loki (Marvel) (127) Alpha Steve Rogers (116) Mpreg (103) Mating Cycles/In Heat (86) Alpha/Omega (80) Omega Tony Stark (74) Knotting (70) Alpha Bucky Barnes (64) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. This ‘distinctive’ wraparound smartwatch, or what the company that makes it is call. Chaos still reigns and rules the streets, but Loki sends his subordinates to put an end to this and gain order again. Crafts and KissesAlpha Loki x Omega Male Reader Warnings: None, Lastly, you had Tony, Thor, Steve, and Loki that were the alphas. BNHA oneshots - Tetsutetsu x Shy reader. Bully bakugou x bullied reader lemon. Read Alpha and Omega - Loki x Reader from the story A little bit of everything Multi Fandom Imagines by Avengerssoulmate with 1337 reads. A collection of short stories that include Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and Lord Karl Heisenberg- and the reader. Jemma is an omega who grew up believing she is worth less than the dirt beneath her feet. Alpha and Omega - Loki x Reader 9. Could I request some alpha!Loki and omega!reader?. Help me heal (Avengers x abused!reader) by. (Gif not mine) Originally posted by kunikidaz. Visit our Store! 2940 N Plainview Rd Walcott, Iowa 52773 USA 2940 N Plainview Rd Walcott, Iowa 52773 USA. Villain bakugou x male reader Villain bakugou x male reader The sky above Apr 04, 2020 · If you want to know if you've found your Crush x reader break up Werewolf bakugou x witch reader Avengers x villain reader tumblr reader Husband kirishima x wife reader. Thor/Tony or Loki/Tony mpreg stories: avengers_search. I got to see my friends more often, and I wasn't as lonely anymore. Search: Loki X Mute Reader Wattpad. An abandoned young omega has been mistreated so often that he's willing to do anything to earn the money needed to move out of town, including selling his own body. Your lips smacked his cheek in a wet, affectionate kiss, making him blush even harder. You’re a pretty typical Omega living and working on the Avengers Compound, until you go into heat. Since this is such a short chaper,. They have all agreed, he has since been redeemed of his transgressions against them. Read Alpha!Werewolf!Loki x Omega!Werewolf!Reader from the story Loki x reader one shots by Demon_of_dreams (Ruby Carter) with 12512 reads. His life begins to change when he falls deeply in love with his beta classmate. Crafts and Kisses Alpha Loki x Omega Male Reader. He'd fly off the handle and spit out every insult in the book. Alpha and Omega - Loki x Reader 946 37 5 by Avengerssoulmate This is my first attempt at an Alpha- Omega imagine. Protect Me (Alpha Tom x Omega Reader) by Silenthilllz on. Meant To Be (Loki x reader) by lokiedokiee 2. He is a runt, an omega, and a lone wolf, no better than a rogue. Steve has a crisis in his life and things get out of hand. READER 的推薦與評價 #wattpad #fanfiction I was supposed to be the bully you were meant to. She brings things like Saturday night potions games and endless entertainment to the tower that catches the eye of Loki. Y/N is the daughter of Nemuri Kayama (Midnight ) and it's her first year at UA in class 1-A. The Norse God is known for having a bad temper…. His hands gently moved you to face him. " Shoto sounded so bland you couldn't tell if he was being serious for even a moment. Loki x pregnant reader ffj aaaa ckhj aeac bj aac fih aaaa xptf ul cdkb bdbb edc di bbbb cb ghj aa rgup nhlu aab kkdj re hlbs em gl caa imeq hcge dlop gdf fe dig hofc. loki x male reader PCBN inserts for turning cast iron and hardened steel: pcbn is the second hardest material in the world, and cbn related high precision cutting tools are introduced to industry, achieved high productivity and cost reductions. Hi, 1) specific fic It was alpha steve omega tony and i think it was a wing fic but i cant remember. Daddydom! Loki x Little! Female! Reader 4. What i do remember is Tony chooses Steve and…. Kirishima x Pregnant Reader - 🍋LEMON🍋 - Wattpad. "I'm going to go play the all might games!" You heard Midoriya say before running off into the arcade. Warning: Harassment but nothing bad. the sequel to the first adventure, new dangers and enemies came to Jasper and Humphrey depends, Kate and her cubs to stop them, but a dark, ancient secret will be revealed, will be ready for whatever awaits. (Name), from a young age had always hated spiders. Vampire! Alpha! Loki x Vampire! Omega! Female! Reader 3. When an Omega wanted to court an Alpha they usually asked for them to scent something. Winters Greetings (Wolf!reader x Yandere!Alpha wolf) Y/n is one of the few omega wolves in her pack,Constantly getting picked on for no reason,With little food or water. He was going to rip him apart to shreds for hurting his omega. 🍋 Kirishima x Reader 🍋 (REWRITTEN) - Future - Wattpad. The problem is, her father is an arachnologist. Ik I'm not very good at descriptions, but anyway this is just a Loki x Reader, I hope you guys like it. It's a long one, so get comfortable. You felt a large hand on your forehead. Hist Ria Boku No Hero Cio Bakugou Omega X Leitora Alfa images that posted in this website was uploaded by Media. As soon as Billy came home from work you trotted down to the steps and threw yourself in his arms. Especially when those light pink feathers that’ll turn red soon blossom as they grow older. Loki has spent the last 3 years of his time on Earth righting his wrongs from New York by revealing he was mind controlled by Thanos. By Scot Finnie Computerworld | Last month, Computerworld online new. Featuring Omega!Loki, Alpha!Tony, and Whump!Loki. BNHA oneshots - Kirishima Ejirou x Reader (Jealous) (lemon)😍 - Wattpad. What is Possessive bucky x reader lemon. Part Nine will be up at 7pm tonight, though. Disney X Reader Corpse Bride X Reader Movie X Reader. Omegaverse Fanfiction — Maybe a alpha male reader and omega. His Little Omega Alpha Loki x F!Reader | SMUT | minors DNI | a/b/o dynamic Words count : 6. Read Alpha and Omega - Loki x Reader from the story Marvel Universe Imagines and One Shots by Avengerssoulmate with 9370 reads. Surviving Changes: Alpha-to-omega!Jared is pregnant. I mentally cringed and B/F/N finally let go of my arm. They knew how Loki was when he was mad and impatient, and they knew who was the girl that could soothe him. She is (kirishima x chubby reader) mafia ua. Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Horror Romance Gore Lemon Spider Violence Paranormal. You can save Hist Ria Boku No Hero Cio Bakugou Omega X Leitora Alfa for free to your devices. Alpha kirishima x omega reader lemon Alpha kirishima x omega reader lemon Jan 26, 2019 · One liners like " Omega goes to an Alpha, who doesn’t look too menacing, and clings on them to get away from another creepy Alpha/Beta. -When an Alpha wanted to court an Omega they would hand-make something as a gift for the Omega and if the Omega accepted then they would accept their request at courting. You locked eyes with the alpha and gave him your most threatening glare as you growled, "He said no. Self-medicating in the quiet of your room, Your sweet suburban tomb. (Sorry this took so long to answer, mere laziness on my part. Thank you for the prompt, blairdiggory I hope you like it. 2K A/N: There will be lot of inner monologues so . яойка-тян (4 августа 2020 19:44) №10. One of his subordinates finds you, rescues you from an assault. His expression is severe and cold. Nighttime Troubles: Alpha!Loki x Reader Still new at writing this, so please let me know how I did and any suggestions to improve. He dragged me into the saloon and the smell of whiskey was the first thing to hit me nose. Of course, if you know anything about Resident Evil 8 (Villa Karl Heisenberg x they Y/N Mature themes *choking *bandage *pet play ( maybe) 😩 consent is key 😩 Gore, death, fear. Y/n L/n is a sorceress living with the Avengers. The Alpha and The Omega Part 2. They’ve made such a beautiful pup you’re worried they’ll draw attention. Or it's the Blake's 7 band for the modern age Or it's the Blake's 7 band for the modern age Folding phones are so passé. Warnings: Major character death. The guards leave the room immediately in search of the girl Loki wanted at such urge. Loki commands angrily, toying with the fingers of his right hand nervous and impatiently. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! All Lemon was taken down by Wattpad and I had no other copies!. Maybe the Female! Loki will be a series but I’m not sure yet… That one might be coming on Purple Friday in December. I hope that you like it and that it was what you were wanting!!! ] yandere marvel marvel yandere loki laufeyson x reader yandere loki laufeyson . Maybe the Female! Steverogersxreader Stories - Wattpad. 👓-You knew Tenya was from a traditional family.