astrology indicators tumblr. Someone who is jealous and sometimes overly dramatic. Aishwariya Rai, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez all have this placement. If there is any other Astrologer indicators, this can make someone very passionate about Astrology and fiercely loyal to their dedication, they also emotionally attach themselves to Astrology. Take for example Hua Chenyu, aka 华晨宇. mercury in 12h indicates learning a new language. The native will also get the taste of romance this lifetime they may find themselves in love situations often this could come in the forms of friendships. this asteroid gives insight on what industry your career will be in, in the future. A Cancer Saturn gives very strong psychic tendencies with other support. Indicators of Writing in the Natal Chart • Third house stellium • Air Mercury • Mercury/Jupiter aspects • Jupiter in the third house • Gemini dominant • Sun/Mercury aspect (in the third or fifth #333. Indicators of beauty in astrology. steroline-sk said: Im a Mars dominant too lol. So ladies when you start talking to a guy and want to know his potential for earning money, here are some things to look for. Fame Indicators in Astrology There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. And they also love people (because they provide endless learning) and love to share their experiences of freedom and knowledge with other people, which can be a problem because people can slow them down. freelyenvolving reblogged this from astrologyandlife. Indicators of Sports in the Natal Chart • Mars in the 1st or 5th house • Aries in the 5th house • Mars in fire or air • Positive Sun/Mars aspects • Jupiter in Aries • Moon/Mars aspects in the 6th • #333. When somebody’s Mars falls in your 5th house, heart-pounding reactions and strong romantic/sexual. Venus in 5th house- Venus is the planet of the entertainment. 3)Such a person can be a successful dynamic leader of a creative team. They often marry young, and often to a childhood sweetheart. check your industria asteroid (389) and what house it’s in as well as the aspects. astrology astrology observations astro notes hillarysss gemini . It tells you about what you’re looking for in a partner and how you express affection. #astrology#natal chart#birth chart . ) to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love. Virgo: Abdomen, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, liver. In particular if they are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio (the money signs) this is a good indicator. an “emo lion” and an anonymous user on Tumblr once used the phrases . They are noble, valuable individuals and loyal friends. #astrology #astrology observations #astrology indicators #dodge-yuh-cat #answered #if anyone knows other indicators please share! abwhoreant asked: hi again lol, what are the beauty aspects or indicators in the natal chart? signs of a massive glow up even?? sorry if I'm annoying you. So to determine the emotional stability of a chart these are the main indicators. Sun in 11th house - having Sun here is similar to the. 2)Stricken Pluto in the 11th house pushes the wrong choice of environment and colleagues. The continuing popularity of astrology may at least partly be linked Indicators report claimed that they read their horoscope at least . People tend to follow their advice & orders. potential indicators of fame in astrology. Favourable aspects from Jupiter/Venus to rulers of 2nd, 11th house. Dangerous Beauty An asteroid. People born under this sign have a tremendous intuitive and are big idealists. ☆Jupiter in 10th can be a fame indicator, because jupiter brings luck/success to whatever house it's in and the 10th house rules career and reputation. Someone really strong, both mentally and emotionally. ® Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved. astro-meg: "If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; If you want to know your future life, Look at your present actions. Moon in water or air signs or Taurus Mercury in air(specially in Gemini) or Virgo or fire signs. Having the 7th house in sag can mean you’ll marry someone from abroad, or you’ll meet someone traveling. When Bogart fell in love with the teenager, he felt torn between his loyalty for his marriage and his new lover. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. Astrology and Marriage Indicators: Composite Chart ellie-mae-astrology: "* Jupiter conjunct/Trine/Sextile venus * Jupiter in the 7th * Saturn 1st house * Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC * Vertex conjunct the. in addition to that, they tend to not be on good terms with their ex at the end of the relationship. hills — ASTROLOGER INDICATORS 🪐. - Mercury in Virgo, Capricorn, or Gemini. Virgo Moons are high functioning emotional machines. Pisceans are very compassionate and will try to help anyone who is in any trouble. Once he attended a music talent show as a judge (correct me if I’m. Indicators of Sports in the Natal Chart • Mars in the 1st or 5th house • Aries in the 5th house • Mars in fire or air • Positive Sun/Mars aspects • Jupiter in Aries • Moon/Mars aspects in the 6th •. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Being very emotionally and sexually involved with their partner is to be truly alive. Indicators Of Talent In Music 🎵: Cancer Suns, Scorpio Suns, Pisces Suns, Leo Suns, Aquarius Suns, Capricorn Suns. ︎ a person with a sagittarius venus might experience very short relationships, it's like their relationships end as soon as it started. Taurus is one of the most artistic signs in astrology, oriented on enjoying life and finding beauty in it. Astrology Notes: Indicators of Fame and Success. Moon/Jupiter aspect in the twelfth house. Wanted to see if there were any indicators in astrology that could help them out. People are naturally drawn to Venus and Ascendant conjunct natives, they have a natural beauty and poise without even trying. look at your 7th house/what sign is it in?/which planets are in the 7th house? Indicators of a younger spouse: Mercury in your 7th house; Mercury-Venus aspect in a male chart; Mercury conjunct mars in a female chart. A Virgo Stellium can put extra emphasis on the 6th house of your chart. Hi guys, I really loved all the nice support for the last post, thank you all so much :) I was wondering if there’s any type of astrology posts you guys would want me to post, let me know! Without further ado, here’s the observations. Still, he left his long suffering wife and formed a relationship with Bacall. The native is also extremely attractive and beautiful to others. This article is not about long-term compatibility between the sexes; rather, indications of initial sexual attraction and knee-jerk reactions between two people of opposite sex. Exploring the occult, mysterious, astrology, and taboo. It can mean you meet someone in school, or someone with a drastically different background than yourself. In astrology, Taurus rules the vocal cords, the neck, throat, and the voice. An Angular moon is a big help so Moon in the 1st,4th (surprisingly),7th (possibly),and 10th (especially) could make it easier to get there. disclaimer; these are all my own views/opinions that are likely to change and are based on my own interactions, understanding and experiences !! Originally posted by rosesofthetwilight. Indicators of Wealth in Astrology. #indicators #sun #sun in first #sun in fifth #leo #leo moon #leo ascendant #aquarius midheaven #midheaven #sun aspects #jupiter #jupiter aspects #uranus #uranus aspects #aries #aries ascendant #ascendant #leo in second #leo in third #leo in fifth #ascendant aspects urapemrino liked. People with Capricorn in 10th may benefit by being an architect. Cancer: Chest wall, breasts, some body fluids. Having these indicators would make someone have a very big loving on things about knowledge, hence Astrology. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh liked this. Some of these (marked with *) are marks that I have found repeated in starseed birth charts from my own experience. Mercury square Neptune uses the hardest way to express themselves, it’s like they are reciting a really complicated poetry. ° cancer risings generally have curly hair, a soft voice and sleepy eyes ° mercury dominants are smart, chatty, mischievous and have plenty of nervous energy ° taurus/libra/7th or 2nd house dominant people tend to have many admirers ° virgo placements, especially virgo risings, are really photogenic. Aquarius and Pisces has a similar effect in Jupiter. So check personal planets and points in Virgo and planets in the 6th house. In astrological natal charts, there are numerous placements that indicate an interest in the occult, esoteric arts, witchcraft as well as psychic and healing talent. Pluto’s touch adds a magnetic, intense presence what mesmerizes people. Dallas Atl • Indicators of Fame in Astrology. ASTROLOGER INDICATORS “(Do not repost, plagiarize, “reword” my work) @hillarysss ” Moon in Gemini/ Moon in 3rd- This dear placements is . ” As a murkstave, Laguz is a direct indicator of failure because of excessive material overreach and lack associated with refusing to draw upon the wisdom inherent in one’s own intuition. -having personal planets/placements [sun, moon, ascendant, mercury, venus, mars] jupiter and/or mc in leo degrees which are known as the ‘degrees of fame’, which are 5, 17 and 29. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame!. Astrology from a diva for divas. Jupiterian influence can add oil to the fire, so too speak, and it enlarges existing energies. Obviously the whole chart matters and if someone has one of these, it doesn't mean that they will be the next Kim Kardashian. Uranus is in a sign of Venus, or Mars is damaging a significator of the 1st house. tumblr not showing people's follower count is so crazy cause sometimes i'll think someone is a big/small blog and then someone asks how. 🍹the placement of pisces in your chart can tell what you like to express through your art. Soulmate / Karmic Relationship Indicators. 1st house - appearance, identity, body, self, personality. indicators of moving away from current place/home environment in sr chart: moon in 4h/12h, mercury in 4h/12h/9h, 4h ruler in 12h/9h vice versa, 4h/12h/9h ruler aspecting each other, 4h prominence, north node in 4h/12h/9h. Taurus and Musical Talent in Astrology. Either your parental figures lacked true affection, comfort, or love, or they were overbearing and extremely clingy. Originally posted by rogerdeakinsdp. ASTROLOGY HELP — CAREER ASTROLOGY PART 2. Jupiter, Venus, or Sun in 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th houses Abundance of Earth/Water signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn. It gives us a greater insight as to how a sign represents you individually. me-vs-mycapricornmoon liked this. Everything below is just a guide for those looking for. starseedastrology: This post may not be 100% accurate (information varies slightly from site to site), but its like a masterpost of all the research I've done on spotting starseed characteristics in the birth chart. your mc represents your public image yes but also your status. Besides, the house can also indicate what translation you are better at: 6 is best for formal, scientific translation while 3rd is better for daily life situations: idioms, word games etc. Humphrey Bogart was 45 years old when he cheated with Lauran Bacall, 19. Shit I’m pretty sure this anon is old but thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you enjoy my stuff:) <3 I haven’t really been posting a lot this year so sorry to everyone who keeps up with my blog. The life you are living now is a continuation of past lives. -a personal planet/placement at 5 degrees in a chart can suggest short term fame. It’s never more than two signs away from your sun sign. xenia : Astrology Observations #2. MC and Moon conjunct, and Venus and Ascendant conjunct are both excellent indicators in a natal birthchart for fame and success. -I know virgo venus has a reputation for being [overly] critical of their partner or potential partners, but what. Indicators of Writing in the Natal Chart • Third house stellium • Air Mercury • Mercury/Jupiter aspects • Jupiter in the third house • Gemini dominant • Sun/Mercury aspect (in the third or fifth. Venus in 12th ( Pisces) Venus in 11th (Aquarius) Venus in 3rd (Gemini) / Venus in 9th (Sagittarius) / Venus touching Uranus- Wherever Venus is in and what sign its in tells you where you pour your heart out. I find that each planet will showcase in what way the fame will come to you as well as what the public sees as most important about you. 1st house- overall health and longevity of the spouse/ marriage 2nd house- wealth accumulated through marriage 3rd house- efforts to sustain the marriage 4th house- comfort and happiness from marriage. -a personal planet/placement at 5 degrees in a chart can suggest short term fame -a personal planet/placement at 17 or 29 degrees in a chart can suggest long term fame -the cancer degree 28 is also known as the 'household name' degree can also be an indicator of fame when in a personal placement; 28 also represents extreme wealth in numerology. Jennifer is an extremely talented dancer and performer. Wether they know it or not they hold a lot of power over people. North Node — Your Soul’s Purpose. The 4th house – can indicate family money and real estate if venus or jupiter are here or positively aspecting other planets here. Everything you need to know to read your astrology birth chart. Neptune is another very important fame indicator in the birth chart. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Abundance of Earth/Water signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn. Indicators of a curvy woman It's not surprising if a lot of astrology enthusiasts / astrologers have this placement as they seek for knowledge and things that stimulates their mind almost daily. Everyone wants to get to know them, because they're so secretive. See more posts like this on Tumblr. could be the best actors and actresses, since they are really good with the facial expressions. - Jupiter in Libra, Aquarius, or Scorpio. Indicators of Fame in Astrology. Ceres in Cancer: Above all, Ceres in cancer revolves around affection. Uranus Signs: People born in the Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces generation for Uranus are more likely to be part of the ‘waves’ of starseed incarnations on Earth. - Sun in Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, or Capricorn. Jupiter in the 1st, 8th or 5th are indicators of BDE. Astrology and Some Indicators of Wealth. Jupiter — Your Knowledge/Success. Casual sex may also be a theme of their life. They may experiment with love situations. For example an Aqua mars might attract leo mars. indicators of meeting a 'special one': 7h stellium/prominence, libra rising, moon in libra, venus-moon prominent aspect, sun in 7h/5h, ruler of . You can find this in your birth chart. Some of them are especially good at rap. little star ☆ : Astrological Key Terms. Also, Vedic tends to be better for things like this than western, because Vedic astrology has a bit more out there as far as how placements . The navamsa chart is one of the divisional charts in Vedic astrology. For example any signs you have in the second house would indicate how you make money. #Taurus in Lilith people will love this #I can feel it #all zodiac #zodiac tumblr #zodiac posts #zodiac stuff #zodiac astrology #astrology signs #astro #astrology #money #fashion #sugar babies #sugaring #sugar daddy #splenda daddy #mine. -a personal planet/placement at 5 degrees in a chart can suggest short term fame -a personal planet/placement at 17 or 29 degrees in a chart can suggest long term fame -the cancer degree 28 is also known as the ‘household name’ degree can also be an indicator of fame when in a personal placement; 28 also represents extreme wealth in numerology. steroline-sk said: Mars/Saturn Mars in 10th Pluto dominant My chart ruler (moon in 8th) virtualjudgewinneropera liked this. Taurus has refined aesthetic skills and an admiration for finer things in life. This influence is translated into your relationships via your 7th house in Sagittarius. People with Pluto in the 12th may dread or even fear going to the hospital. #jupiter #astrology for beginners #astrology #astrology proffessions #natal chart #mercury #parrotprofessions More you might like. This is a strong indicator to a problematic relationship with your If you really want to get into astrology, I recommend checking out . Lilith: A person’s Lilith, which is based on the moon at the time of their birth, shows their primitive side and how they seek revenge. Jupiter, Venus, or Sun in 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th houses. Could feel like they're your best friend and understand you in a way others don't. So if it’s in the 1st house, it will bring gains and fame to you, as the 1st house represents the self. part of your status includes your relationship status and when you get married your relationship status changes making your midheaven activate. Under the influence of Laguz, satisfaction is more likely found through fulfillment of the emotional “needs” rather than the ego “desires. It is said to represent the spouse and your marriage. There are other indicators of non-traditional sexuality in a horoscope. ☿ Mercury-dominant women (Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati) Mercurial women, especially mercurial moons, tend to be outcasted by other women in their social circle because of their classy feminine presence that's desired by other men. 2 seconds and they make the darkest jokes with a smiley face. While the Hellenistic astrologers connected the Moon to changes in one’s material fortune, modern astrologers emphasize the Moon’s connection to changes in one’s mood or. ° hanging out with moon in 1st house individuals can be really confusing for many. virgo: onsra (boro {india}) - (v. Pluto in the eleventh house: 1)By expanding the circle of communication, the native is approaching success. Love, space The stars in the sky were placed with you in mind. If it’s in the 10th house, you will get gains and fame through your career. For Female: Sun in earth or air sings. They need affection, warmth, and the true and honest expression of feelings. A planet without aspects often symbolizes loneliness. Pluto aspects to Jupiter and Venus. Mars Conjunction Neptune: The planet of war, sexuality and actions in conjunction with the planet of illusion, dreams and spirituality. There is a tendency to romantically jump in feet first. If you know a mercurial woman or you're one you've experienced people being suspicious of you for no. An 8th House stellium puts emphasis on where Scorpio is in your chart and so, the house where Scorpio falls in the chart. Appearance/Personality of your Future Spouse -Astrology. Leo: Heart, spine, upper back, spleen. Note: These might not apply to everyone, and not all aspects are bad, some just. Find out what they're trying to tell you. Indicator of an Astrology teacher. Face 2: Baby-faced, round with soft skin, a wide mouth, and a charming grin; eyes are usually round. cooler than u — hello, how are you<3 indicators of. In astrology there are 12 houses that each represent different things. Abundance of planets in 11th, 10th house. Sagittarius – “Be free with me”. Astrology and Some Indicators of Wealth. -a personal planet/placement at 17 or 29 degrees in a chart can suggest long term fame. To quote Beyonce, "Diva is a female version of a hustler. ♉️ ☼ • ♎️- ♏️☽ • ♋️ ↑ Lover of beauty & wit. Moon in the eighth or twelfth house. Indications of sexual attraction using Astrology as our tool. as a sag venus, this theory is true for me. but nonetheless they're really endearing and sweet so go give them a virtual hug whenever you can. Discover more posts about astrological+indicators. Aquarius suns are very good at what they do, very creative. Face 1: Large head, high cheekbones and prominent brows; eyes small and far apart. 🍹 mars in 12th overlay in synastry is an indicator of meeting or dating online since here, it is a bit touch deprived for some reason here you are not seen but felt. Ruler of 11th house in 1st or 10th house- the 11th house rules fame, gains, and dreams in astrology. astroari — Astrology Notes: Indicators of Fame and Success. Neptune in a water sign in the 7th. astrology thoughts/observations of the week. notsoaverage2 asked: Hi moon! I had some questions in regards to your post on relocation. Careers & Astrology (Part 1) (I did one for artists which can be found here. Neptune and Pluto Signs: Neptune, being the. Their love belongs to another dimension. Loretta had transiting Neptune trine both Sun and Moon through-out the whole affair. Indicators of Wealth in Astrology Pluto aspects to Jupiter and Venus Pluto aspects to Moon and Neptune. Actress and actor indicators in an astrology natal chart ✨. And then I started thinking this guide would be good for any lady who wants a guy who has money to splurge on her. #astrological+indicators on Tumblr. People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Cancer are of three facial types. It’s also an indicator of how you attract love and act in a relationship, seeing as people may find they act rather differently when they’re in a relationship. By the time we arrive at Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky published in 1984, the Moon has become an indicator of one’s emotional, subjective, and imaginative life. astro notes because she likes me back! 💕 💐🏳️‍🌈. You associate home with security, whether your childhood was secure and comfortable or generally unsafe and always changing. Someone who is proud and loves to show how much they love you. Astrology and Marriage Indicators: Composite Chart. Opposition may have a harder time believing and etc, but the power is still as strong. What signs rule their 2nd and 8th houses – the money houses. (Astrology indicators for different professions) Part 2: Linguist. Indicators of Being an Empath in the Natal Chart. Astrology Serendipities — 🔮 Astro Note: Aries sun usually. - Moon in Libra, Virgo, or Aquarius. Strong Mercury: Mercury in Virgo or Gemini (Gemini is better for retrograde); Merc in 1, 3, 6, 9, 10 houses. Pluto in 10th/ Scorpio in 10th- These people radiate a lot of magnetism to the public eye. ) the "wake" or the trail left in the sky by an airplane or on the water by a boat; the trace of someone's perfume; the scent that lingers in the air after something or someone has been there before you and gone. * Juno In aspect to the DC ruler (preferably conjunction/Trine/Sextile). Astrologist Adama Sesay is sharing your Spring horoscope and how to channel your power in the coming months. Past Life Indicators In The Birth Chart. Juno in Leo / 5th House - your partner is someone who is breathing and living embodiment of a Hollywood movie character. Pluto aspects to Moon and Neptune. zodiac zodiac signs astrology astrology signs pisces. Neptune - Venus is also another indicator especially if it's a (conjunction, opposition), Venus represents money & value and Neptune is the manifestation planet to put it simple, put these two together and the power to manifest value and money is very easy. 💕 Moon conjunct Moon will make both people feel very close and connected with each other. This placement gives very conventionally beautiful looks and soft feminine features. (Capricorn shows architects) Mars in 10th individuals is usually shown in successful doctor’s natal charts. Sun/Moon aspect in a water sign. Zodiacs & Astrology News: What Astrology Says About Your Business Success - If you would ask whether you can depend on astrology for . " So be proud of your inner diva, because you are . This is truly a dancer’s aspect, as the rough, active energy of Mars comes into contact with Neptune’s dreamy, artistic nature. Astrology and Marriage Indicators: Composite Chart ellie-mae-astrology: “* Jupiter conjunct/Trine/Sextile venus * Jupiter in the 7th * Saturn 1st house * Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC * Vertex conjunct the. Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th house. The most important things to look to are the Sun, Leo, the first, the fifth, and the tenth houses. The 10th House – can indicate wealth through your. Pisces placements are indicators of being either a genius or a complete bum. (Mostly Surgeons) Venus in 10th is good for a doctor studying medicine. Soul recognition and instant familiarity. Jupiter in any astrological chart symbolizes expansion, largeness, generosity, and luck. Sagittarius loves freedom: freedom of thought, expression, creativity, expansion, knowledge, etc. Here is a list of the moon signs that I tend to get very soft with🥲 Its always easier for me to keep it real to them and its even easier to have a heart to heart convo or just going around the city doing the silliest thing. Again Mercury is the analytical brain and the ability to think coherently. They are independent and always busy. aistrology: Venus in harmonious aspect to MC. astrology house observations (modern astrology) —a lot of astrologers fail to mention that the mc (midheaven) can represent marriage as well. An Aries Stellium can put extra emphasis on the 1st house of your chart. Indicators of Being an Empath in the Natal Chart. Guys !!!! !! The Aries New moon is coming and a really amazing Event is happening in the sky The sun and moon will be in Aries At the same degree and that called A “ Cazimi ” (an Arabic term meaning “heart of the Sun”) refers to a very close conjunction—within a planet and the Sun and it doesn’t happens a lot and when it does it’s been proven that some wishes come true !!!. Fame Indicators In Astrology ⭐️ From my observation Sun conjunct North Node Sun in the 1st, 5th, 10th, 11th Exalted Venus (Venus in . Uranus in 9th / Aquarius in 9th- Loves to dig in deep to the eccentric, Astrology would be a great route for them. The planet rules the zodiac sign Sagittarius. ellie-mae-astrology: * Jupiter conjunct/Trine/Sextile venus. 💸~ if you have part of fortune in the 11th house you can gain money from social media/technology (becoming an influencer, selling astrology readings, making your own app, etc) 💸~ if you have part of fortune in the 8th house it could indicate you marry someone wealthy or someone gives you their money when passing. Venus in 1st house/conjuct ascendant- Venus is the planet of beauty in astrology, so in the first house it will make someone very beautiful. Indicators of somebody who overthinks a lot HI I AM DOING WELL, I hope you are too Pisces Moon or Mercury, Neptune aspecting Moon or Mercury: Well, Neptune is the planet of confusion and unclearness (and Pisces is ruled by Neptune) so when you have that messing with either your emotions (the Moon) or the way you think (Mercury) you are prone to all sorts of irrational thought processes. your question is a great topic for my astrology posts -thank you.